FolioPages CMS

A lightweight content management system to create websites
self hosted, open source and easy to use


v1.5.1 - Feb 23, 2021 - changelog

Fast And Easy To Use

Developed using Core PHP, JavaScript and HTML5 with responsive interface. Easy for designers as well as non-technical individuals to manage a website.

Search Engine Friendly

Each dynamic or static page has a friendly and human-readable URL and can have its own unique and editable metadata in order to enhance SEO efficiency.

Simple Theme Creation

To create a new theme, copy the main theme to a new folder and modify it. To style a page differently, give it a class and style it from theme's CSS file.


A photo and file gallery plugin integrated with FolioPages CMS makes it effortless to embed local folders as albums using a shortcode. Stand alone, flat file version available for Download.


This is a slide
. Slides are blocks of content that can be created and embedded in any page. Each slide can be added to more than one page. Multiple blocks can be added to each slide to make it scrollable like this one.

You can also give each slide its own class and style them differently via the CSS file.

FolioPages Main Features

  • Create slides and embed them in pages.
  • Upload files and embed them as gallery or album.
  • Modify the existing theme or create your own.
  • Give each page a different class and style it as you like.
  • Interact with visitors by enabling comments in pages.
  • Build a navigation menu from pages or custom URLs.

Pages can be created using a feature rich online editor which supports multiple languages. The framework also supports static files.
Themes are a breeze to develop. Per page optional CSS class makes it possible to have different styles for different section of your website.
Slides are blocks of content that can be created independently and embedded in pages. More than one block in a slide makes it scrollable.
Included plugins are a file manager, Menu builder, private messaging, system notifications and etc. It is easy to create your own plugin.
Commenting and moderation can be enabled or disabled per page to allow commenting from registered or anonymous users.
User sign up can be enabled or disabled. and access levels elevated. You may wish to enable user sign up for commenting sections.

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